On The Job

Why the right to disconnect matters to workers

Date Published: 21/09/2022
Category: On The Job

Passion for your job can only take you so far though, so when your phone beeps late at night or you hear the ping of another email dropping into the inbox on the weekend, you start to wonder if it’s all worth it.


Tuftmasters carpeted by union win

Date Published: 14/09/2022
Category: On The Job

The bad faith negotiation tactic from Tuftmasters was an attempt to erode wages and conditions that union members had bargained for over decades, such as a redundancy agreement that provided three weeks pay per year of service.


Unions call for Joyce’s departure as Qantas flounders

Date Published: 07/09/2022
Category: On The Job

Joyce has tarnished Qantas’s image due to his treatment of workers. The CEO turned the tables against his own employees and stripped away everything that made Qantas so appealing in the first place.


Early Childhood Educators act for better pay and respect

Date Published: 06/09/2022
Category: On The Job

“The parents at the centre I work at have been really supportive. They understand that you can’t pay the bills with love.”


Why you shouldn’t have to raid your superannuation to pay your medical bills

Date Published: 30/08/2022
Category: On The Job

“So if you’re living in pain, then you’ve got to make a decision about, ‘Well, I don’t have the savings. Where can I get the money from?’ Do you draw down on your mortgage? Or do you take money out of your superannuation? That’s really the only option that’s available to you.”


An economy that serves workers: I’d like to see that!

Date Published: 15/08/2022
Category: On The Job

Challenging economic times call for bold thinking. So how about this for an idea? Imagine if Australia had an economy that worked for people, rather than one that exploited them.


We need a new approach to make Australia’s economy fair for workers

Date Published: 09/08/2022
Category: On The Job

“Despite being in a high inflation environment, despite seeing the costs of everything going up, those settings would ordinarily point towards workers being able to get a decent increase in their wages, what we see is more money going towards profit, less money going towards workers pockets instead,” Dan Walton said.


Rail workers in Sydney fight to put passenger safety first

Date Published: 02/08/2022
Category: On The Job

“On the network, one person every day gets caught in the doors of one of our trains. That train is unsafe if it doesn’t have a guard to do a safety check before the train leaves the platform. What can start out as an inconvenience can very quickly and easily turn into a major incident.”


Inflation spirals as workers wages stall

Date Published: 27/07/2022
Category: On The Job

Australian workers struggling to pay their bills and feed their families had to absorb another blow on Wednesday as the inflation rate vaulted to levels not seen in decades.


Inflation isn’t a wages issue and the Reserve Bank knows it

Date Published: 21/07/2022
Category: On The Job

The RBA know it well. Profits, not wages, are the key driver of Australia’s inflation break out.