What have you been forced to cut this Christmas?

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With a cost-of-living crisis and wages that aren’t keeping up, too many Australian workers are going backwards. With the holidays around the corner, that means people will be forced to cut spending – which hurts the small businesses that rely on their spending.

Meanwhile, profits and CEO pay are increasing – so while we sacrifice on food and gifts for our kids, the big end of town isn’t.

The Secure Jobs, Better Pay bill will help to get wages moving, but it needs the support of crucial senators to become law.

We want to know what you’ll be cutting this Christmas so that we can tell these Senators why this bill is important and urgent.

Why is this important?

We are in a cost-of-living crisis

Petrol, groceries, utilities – the cost of almost everything is going up.

Wages are not keeping up

Wage growth is not keeping up with the cost of living. This means working people are going backwards, and that means they’re forced to cut spending.

But profits and CEO pay are still going up

Profits are being generated by big corporations, they just aren’t sharing it with workers. The Secure Jobs, Better Pay bill is essential to fixing it.

What will the cost-of-living crisis mean for you?

What will you be forced to cut from your holiday budget this year?

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