Support establishing a national Energy Transition Authority in Australia to ensure no workers or communities are left behind in the transition to clean energy.

Australia risks an unjust transition without effective planning, coordination, and Federal leadership.

Countries like Germany and Spain have established dedicated national authorities to support energy workers and communities through the transition. It is time for Australia to do the same.  

Establishing a national Energy Transition Authority in 2023 will ensure a net-zero future where all Australians can work toward a clean energy future with secure, well-paying jobs.

An Energy Transition Authority is vital to:  


Guarantee quality, secure jobs for workers transitioning out of carbon-intensive industries;


Diversify jobs and the economy in traditionally carbon-intensive regions; and  


Provide education and training for workers to get jobs in new net-zero carbon emission industries.  

Australia needs secure jobs for a safe climate

Australian union members are stepping up and taking action to fight for secure jobs and a safe climate.

Climate resources for unionists

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Fact Sheets and Resources

Here’s a detailed list of resources about climate change, renewable energy and just transition.

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Read the Australian Unions Climate & Energy Action Plan

The world is facing a climate crisis. Australian workers know that we can be part of the solution, building new low carbon industries and creating good union jobs.

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Sunshot in 2023

Sunshot in 2023: Accelerating towards Australia’s renewable exports opportunity, outlines three key areas of focus to secure a leading role for Australia in the net zero economy, and to ensure all Australians benefit from the global energy transition.

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Energy Transition Authority: What Workers Need

Australia’s economy is undergoing a fundamental transformation, the scale and scope of which rivals anything in our history. With legislated commitments to reduce emissions by at least 43% by 2030 and to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the transition to a low-carbon economy will accelerate across all sectors in the coming years.

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All workers are being impacted by the planet becoming less habitable and safe with more frequent and extreme disasters and heat There doesn’t have to be a fight between jobs and climate action, we can and must have both. Last year unions came together with business and climate organisations to develop an ambitious clean energy blueprint – which was sadly ignored by the former Morrison government. With the Albanese Government and a new Parliament, we can finally work towards the future.
Michele O’Neil ACTU President
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