Everything has been going up except your wages.

Workers’ wages are now worth less than they were 10 years ago. Add to this the cost-of-living and the housing crisis and many people are really struggling.

Big businesses are using loopholes in Australia’s workplace laws to drive down wages and conditions. We need to close the loopholes to keep wages moving and make jobs more secure.

It’s time to update Australia’s workplace laws to protect workers and keep wages moving.


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Same Job Same Pay

Our current laws have loopholes that have been used by big business to devise new ways to get out of paying proper wages and entitlements. It’s simple. People working alongside each other doing the same job, should get the same pay.

No more unfair contracts

Over the last decade, employers have found many ways to game the system to pay workers less. Workers like delivery riders have less rights than workers had 100 years ago. If this isn’t fixed, every job could be affected. We need to update the laws to ensure all workers have the basic rights they deserve.

Secure jobs

So many jobs have become insecure. Many employers have turned once reliable permanent jobs into insecure unreliable jobs. Having no job security is bad for workers, their families and the community. It is bad for the economy.


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