A 7% pay rise is the most effective and important way to address cost of living pressures

Australia has a cost-of-living crisis, with essential items such as housing, groceries, fuel and childcare increasing rapidly. Workers are struggling to keep up.

That’s why Australian Unions have made a submission to the Annual Wage Review for a 7% pay increase for the 2.67 million workers who receive the minimum wage or Award wages. Last year we won a significant pay rise, and with your help we can do the same this year.

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Why do we need an annual wage rise of 7%?


Increasing wages will create jobs

Minimum wage and Award workers spend the majority of their income in their local communities with local businesses on things like groceries, rent, fuel and childcare. When low-paid workers spend in their local economy, their spending helps create more local jobs. 


There’d be a stimulus boost to the economy

Wage increases help stimulate the economy. Especially in bad economic times like our current post-pandemic economic recovery, a minimum wage increase will help boost the economy and create jobs.


Business profits are at record highs

Corporate profits are increasing at more than 20 per cent, off the back of workers' productivity improvements.

Ready to support a 7% wage increase? Here’s six things you need to know about the minimum wage.

There are real people behind the statistics of Australia’s cost-of-living crisis – the workers we rely on to deliver vital services in early learning, aged care, disability care, fast food, cleaners, security, and retail. People are skipping meals, avoiding medical care, and dreading their next bill. Rents have skyrocketed along with the cost of essentials such as groceries, clothing, fuel, and childcare. Working people need a lifeline.
Sally McManus ACTU Secretary
Sally McManus