Support when you need it

Be sure you stay in control if things go wrong at work. As a union member you know that you’re protected with the best employment legal advice, as well as having support and information on workplace rights.

Higher wages, reliable work

Together let’s make the most of your hard-earned. Union members campaign for higher wages for everyone, but union members also earn on average $250 per week more than non-union members. That’s $13,000 more on average each year in wages for union members.

Better work & society for all

So many of the basic rights that workers and all Australians receive is due to the hard-work of union members: Medicare, JobKeeper, annual leave, paid parental leave and more! Union members are making a difference where it matters most.

The Australian union movement has always worked towards big, important and permanent changes that benefit all workers. Time and time again, we’ve proven that change is more than an idea – it is an action we take every day. That's why I'm inviting you to join almost 2 million union members today.

Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary
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Ready to take control of your work life?

With the strength of almost 2 million members, we have a major say in shaping the future of work for all. Beyond this, your union will provide advice, support, and tools you need to fulfil your goals – wherever you are in your working life.

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Real Action

Safer workplaces. Keeping up with living costs. A fair share. Join tens of thousands taking action to make these and so much more a reality for hard-working Australians.
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Support for your career

Unions offer members specialised support and training for every stage of your career, and help ensure your job remains reliable and secure.
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Higher wages

Through collective bargaining, wage-theft recovery, personal support, and our minimum wage campaign, union members get paid an average of $250 per week more that non-members.
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Join the almost 2 million workers coming together to change work and society for the better. Together we can take action to drive real change. That means better wages than non-union members, the workplace conditions you deserve and support standing by if anything goes wrong.


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We need a few details like who you are and where you work. Don't worry, everything you tell us is completely confidential.


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Get your first month’s membership up and running to start enjoying the benefits of belonging today.

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We are so proud of what union members have achieved together, and we are ready to achieve so much more. Every day, union members stand together to prove that change is more than talk – it's action we take every day. Be part of the change by joining with almost 2 million other union members as we act to improve the lives all working people.

Michele O'Neil, ACTU President
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Fees to fit your circumstances

Apprentices, contractors, casuals, part-timers: Australian unions have the interests of all workers in mind, so many will provide specific fees to accommodate your role or position. And of course, membership fees are completely tax-deductible.

Standard first-month fee

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For more info on union fees for your industry, contact us on 1300 486 466 and we will try to assist you.
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