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Change the Rules – It’s about real people taking back power from corporations

We all want a country that is fair, but right now the rules favour big business and the very rich. If we’re going to change the rules, we have to work together. 

We have a plan. What we are going to do is to build a powerful movement, and that starts by finding the most powerful stories of the impacts of the issues we’re focused on.

We need to find people who have suffered wage theft, are losing their penalty rates or are trying to survive on very low wages. We need to find the most powerful examples of people who have are trying to survive on casual or insecure work, or any of the issues listed below. 

Our stories can connect with millions of Australians. They help us come together and define the purpose we share.

To grow our movement, we need to collect and share these stories, to show that only by coming together can we take our power back. That together, we can change the rules.

Here’s what you need to do.

Go into your community, talk to people and listen to how people have been impacted by the excessive power of corporations and the very rich.

Help your movement find the most powerful stories so we can tell them to Australia.

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What’s your story about?