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Your Wages Are Under Attack

Joe Hockey and big business have declared war on the minimum wage. This is the largest attack on Australian wages since the Great Depression.

The government’s so called “Commission of Audit” has proposed:

  • That the independent umpire which sets the minimum wage be abolished;
  • Cuts in the real value of the minimum wage each year for ten years;
  • That the national minimum wage be abolished in ten year's time;
  • That states engage in a race to the bottom on the minimum wage after that.

This is big business' big plan that will attack the Australian way of life. And the scary thing is Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are taking it seriously.

Big business strategy is clear: If you bust apart the wages safety net you can drive everyone’s wages down. This is more than an attack on the low paid. It is an attack on all of us.

We need to defend everything that working people have built up over the last the 100 years. We need make sure that our rights, wages and safety net are protected. We cannot let this attack stand.

Sign on to join the fight against big business’s radical attack on wages. Now is the time to show Tony Abbott that Australian workers won’t stand for radical attacks on our living standards.

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    signed 2014-11-20 16:40:39 +1100
    Keep the union united and keep the fight up for better wages and conditions
  • jennifer boucher
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    signed 2014-11-06 11:49:55 +1100
    It is treason to allow foreign interests to take over and trash our nation.. A serious example must be made for all politicians who mistakenly believe tht we work for them… Tht they can gouge whatever pay they like while trashing all our safety nets and giving our money to foreign powers. We have been SOLD OUT people! All that destabilisation we see USA performing around the world… Its hit home! What are YOU going to do about it?
  • caroline hattam
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  • John Dos Santos
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    signed 2014-08-26 08:24:30 +1000
    I am always be with the grass root movement.I would like to be inform and be educated in the union stand against the attacts on workers rights.Workers are Paying too much tax seens from theirs first pay packet.
  • Lisa Beecham
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    Stay strong in union together.
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  • Fran Ryan
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    signed 2014-07-27 09:57:55 +1000
    The struggle to maintain wage levels is one that every worker must make a contribution. It is hypocritical of those in big business to criticise minimal age increases while they are on such lucrative remuneration packages themselves.
  • Christine Kruger
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    Sign the petition: Your Wages Are Under Attack
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    Sign the petition: Your Wages Are Under Attack
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