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It’s Time to End Workplace Bullying

Have you ever been bullied in your workplace?

Any form of bullying -- from being deliberately left out all the way through to extreme acts of violence -- can really hurt. That’s why a recent parliamentary inquiry found that bullying was a form of psychological violence. 

And thankfully, our government is doing something about this, finalising a code of practice for Australian workplaces: Preventing & Responding to Workplace Bullying. 

But employer groups are lobbying hard. Some have opposed the introduction of a code, whilst others want to water down their responsibilities to make the code as weak as possible. 

That’s why we need to stand together now and send a strong message to counter the lobbying by these employer groups. Add your name to the petition on the right and together, let’s make sure Minister Shorten hears loud and clear that Australian workers want to end workplace bullying.


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