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    commented 2017-03-24 05:20:19 +1100
    My questions are for a friend of mine, named Peter, he will be turning 51 in April. He has been working on a local dairy farm for the past four years.

    He is employed casually. He does set shifts of morning milk starting at 5 am until anything up until 9.00 am and afternoon shifts starting at 1.30 pm. His working week begins on Wednesday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon.

    He earns base wage. It is hard to tell you exactly what, but he does not receive pay slips. He has asked for them before. He is receiving superannuation. He never earned penalty rates for his weekend shifts, but he is not earning higher rates of pay to cover holidays etc either.

    He has a lot of trouble getting time off from these set shifts and is too afraid to speak up in fear of losing his job. He approached the boss for one Sunday afternoon off, and tried to explain that he was tired. The next day the owner (who has the weekends off) said he could not cover his afternoon milk, because he was ‘tired’ too). This is the last request of many.

    My friend is not in a position to save up for a holiday. One afternoon is all he can afford.

    He is punctual, reliable and loyal to the family. But I see him as being exploited. Recently the farm changed generational hands (it was the son who declined him the afternoon).

    You might find it interesting to know that since he stopped getting income support to supplement his low pay, his pay has further lowered. I believe that the farm was working in with the ‘job search agency’ in an illegal way to keep people in work, in a screwed up system. I am questioning how much financial benefit they were receiving for his ‘employment’ even though he gainfully found the work himself. Last year Mission Australia had given him a false plan that called him as work for the dole despite his consistent working for years with the farm. I sent this off to the local member, Peter eventually stopped getting the supplement (because he was having to pay tax), and funnily enough, his weekly pay cheque (that he chases up and deposits himself) was reduced at least $50.00.

    I believe he should have been offered better rates and conditions by now, but I am furious about his humble afternoon off. The last time away from work was for his 50th last year, one week that he used to travel and see his children with my help.

    There is little wonder that farmers need Visa workers, they can be extremely unreasonable and are the first people to complain about someone around here anyway.

    What can you help my friend with? In my eyes he is a slave, locked in by geography and limited work, the threat of losing his job.

    Kind regards

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    commented 2017-03-23 06:57:12 +1100
    Last week i worked 4 hours overtime on the bosses request to finish a job. Come pay day he said he couldnt pay me that week. A week has passed and he still hasnt paid me the overtime. I asked for payslips and now there is 1.5 hrs overtime listed at 1.5x then under it has a pay adjustment of -1.5 at a rate that doesnt match my hourly pay or any overtime rates. This weeks pay has the -1.5 added back on (at the unrecognised rate) with no explanation. I want to know what this is about but im also afraid of loosing my job if i question it. What can i do? I work in Joinery/Construction.
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    commented 2017-03-12 01:01:06 +1100

    Im am not sure if my employer doing a sham contract with my employment as I am classed as a contractor but work with the company like and employee, I would just like some info on what I actually am. I also would like to join up so I can get advice if I need it.

    thank you, James
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    commented 2017-03-11 15:56:28 +1100
    If I arrive at my workplace and my employer cancels my work after I’ve arrived, due to bad weather conditions, how much should I get paid?
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    commented 2017-02-26 07:56:13 +1100
    Good morning,

    I’m employed as a permanent part time in a day care centre. I was in a set 4 week roster.

    But know I’m starting at different time and out of the roster cycle. We have 2 lady’s that have started and are one of them is in the same room as I am. She is room lead educator but is only casual Both lady’s are employed as casual workers they both stay in the same rooms and are on the 4 week roster with set times. I would like to know what rights I have as I’ve been cut back in hours and put as a float out of the room I was in.

    Regards Andrea Ruberto
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    commented 2017-02-21 10:51:19 +1100
    Hi my boss has had me working on an abn for a few years now in a traffic control buisness. I’m just wondering if it’s goin to effect me in anyway and im wondering about or trying to find out all details on the situation . Thanks
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    commented 2017-02-08 20:31:40 +1100
    If my employer refused to provide a payslip and hasn’t paid myself and other worker close yo a months work, what can I do?
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    commented 2017-02-04 23:23:06 +1100
    Just wondering how far in advance rosters for casuals are meant to be given out. IE for work starting on a Monday, is it OK that our rosters don’t come out until after close of business on the Friday before, meaning that workers are unable to do things like make hospital specialist appointments until the Monday morning, by which time there is little chance of getting an appointment? would love some clarification on this. I’m in QLD if that makes a difference.
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    commented 2017-02-01 23:56:40 +1100
    I sent an email to my boss about him being unfairly biased. His boss was cc in, he didn’t like the ‘tone’ of my email and he replied with a threat of a written warning, He then called a meeting where he told me to just listen and not say anything. At the end of his talk of his dislike of my tone I asked if he wanted to talk about the content, he said no. Two weeks later I was issued with a written warning from HR. And still not one person has talked to me in regards to my concerns about my boss. I’ve now been put on an improvement plan. Can they ignore my concerns without even talking to me? Can they then issue a written warning? Is this not classified as intimidation and bullying? And to put me on review regarding ‘tone’ in an email. Is that not perspective? How can you justify tone in an email?
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    commented 2017-01-08 00:03:41 +1100
    Permanent part time in childcare
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    commented 2017-01-02 18:10:42 +1100
    My husband is a steelfixer. He’s just been texted by his boss that if they want to continue working for him they’ll need to get an ABN asap. Who does this seriously?! I know this means he will be treated on paper as a contractor but treated in real life still as an employee. I know the boss is also just looking out for himself. Is this worth it? What do we need to know about going down this road? Ie pros and cons?
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    commented 2017-01-02 14:24:29 +1100
    I’m casually employed by coles supermarkets in qld is it ok for them to only give me 1 hours notice to cancel my shift? I have read the EBA but can not find a specific amount of hours notice that they need to give, I know Woolworths must give 3 hours notice would coles be the same?
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    commented 2016-12-30 15:08:53 +1100
    I’ve been employed in Local Government for over 2 half years, under, to date 8 ongoing temporary contracts ranging in length from 7 weeks to 8 months duration. The intention of temporary contracts, as I understand is for a particular purpose, in this case it was to ascertain the workability of a part-time job-share position. I believed this to have been affirmed when the first original contract was extended by a further 6 months.

    I believed the situation since to be inconsistent with the intention of temporary contracts and believed I had grounds to claim my position as on-going employment as stated below in this document from the Fairwork Centre. The issue of these contracts has been very hap-hazard, often only renewed because I have reminded my supervisor that it was concluding, at times, not knowing from one week to the next if I still had ongoing employment. I believe I have worked more than one day when I haven’t had a formal extension contract perhaps more than once, but at least once. Could you confirm if I have any grounds to claim this as a permanent position and how I can convince them of that. I have received Annual Leave & Sick Leave, this is not a casual position but was called part-time temporary. After all this time and even after just completing my Employee Performance Review stating I am “Meeting Expectations” I’ve been forced to undergo the whole recruitment process again to keep my job which looks unlikely because there are other applicants who have higher qualifications than I do.

    Thank you

    Creation of a New Agreement

    At the conclusion of the fixed term, if an employee continues to work for the employer without a formal extension of the fixed term, even by one day, then the law will treat such as the creation of a new ongoing employment agreement that has the same terms as the previous agreement, without the fixed term.
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    posted about this on Facebook 2016-12-09 14:23:14 +1100
    Best union for kitchen aged care
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    commented 2016-12-09 14:21:44 +1100
    Which union is best for kitchen hand aged care please
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    commented 2016-12-06 11:40:06 +1100

    Name: Sue OConnor ,President Foster Parents Support Network inc


    Phone number: 0400101807 02 69658276



    This may seem like an unusual request but as a support of Foster Carers for the last 20 years and a Foster Carer myself for 26 years .The only hope carers have got is a union that protects them

    For the last 8 years I have been employed by Connecting Carers NSW supporting and advocating for carers ,I have just resigned For a number of reasons ,Firstly because it is unsafe for myself as a carer ,because the privatisation as left carers wide open to bullying and threats from Non Government and Government agencies .Children being put at risk because carers are victimised for speaking out ,as such children being removed ,also lack of support For difficult and high needs kids in care,even though NGO are given the funding.

    Secondly as a regional Coordinator with CCNSW I have made many changes to support carers in the past but now it seems that unless I kept the peace then funding was in jeopardy or so i was told.
    The Out of Home Care is in crisis and our kids are vulnerable with more and more kids going in residential units because carers are leaving the system through fear.

    I have contact with hundreds of carers who are asking for a union and I know in the UK this has started to happen.

    There are over 5000 Carers in NSW along and more than 18000 children in out of home care.

    We may be volunteers but we do one of the most important jobs there are and our kids need good carers ,but we need to feel safe and supported in doing this.

    I would truly love to speak to you in person .


    Sue O’Connor
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    commented 2016-12-02 06:09:38 +1100
    Hi – due to no training being provided at my workplace, a large number of staff are underperforming and creating errors. As a Manager of a different team that performs and is well trained (largely due to past experiences) my team and I are expected, without any compensation, to perform multiple jobs, fix others errors and now to train people of equal level and pay (who have been there the same amount of time or more than us). We are constantly being taken advantage of because we are knowledgable, very good workers, and willing to help. We are now under our third Manager in three years and while she is a very good manager, she prefers not to ‘dwell’ on the past. The past has created extreme stress for my team and additional work, with no adverse effects for those ill performing. How can I say no to continual extra duties as we need a planned approach rather than ad hoc bandaids! Nicole
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    commented 2016-11-22 13:40:23 +1100
    Is my workplace allowed to change the roster the week of that roster and add myself onto a day that i was not working originally, with one day notice? and are they allowed to roster me on a day that I’ve made myself unavailable in their system?
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    commented 2016-11-20 22:32:13 +1100
    Does the workplace roster need to be shared amongst employees so shift swapping can occur?
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    commented 2016-11-20 22:31:13 +1100
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    commented 2016-11-19 15:58:51 +1100
    What is the union movement doing to increase personal leave benefits for the Long tem Sick and people with potentially terminal or terminal illness’s.?

    From what I can see once someone has burned through the 10 Day’s PL and whatever annual leave they have accrued is then left financially burdened at a time when this should be their least concern. the Government and Companies, in my opinion have more of a moral obligation to assist for a longer period.
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    commented 2016-11-15 22:31:36 +1100
    today I went for an interview to get a casual job at a local supermarket. They want me to work wed, thurs, fri this week for three hours a day (9 hrs) to do ‘training’ at no pay. After that I am to come in the following week for five days at three hours a day (15hrs) to do more training, if necessary. If I have convinced them I am up to the job, they have promised me a twelve hour shift on Sundays @ $22 per hour. Should I be paid for ‘training’ on the job? I really a want to work as I am a single mum. Thanks Megan
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    commented 2016-11-10 09:58:07 +1100
    Hi I need help I have been unfairly dismissed from my job and bullied what can I do ?
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    commented 2016-10-30 01:54:07 +1100

    I work for a large clothing chain store as a casual sales assistant. I started in late August of this year. Initially I was given a variety shifts but for the last 6 weeks up until mid January I have been rostered on for 3 – 4 shifts though all of them for only 3 hours (lunch covers) while the other staff who are also casuals have been given roughly the same days sometime more but (plus more at other stores) longer hours than me. When I asked why this was I was told by my manager it’s because it’s the Christmas period (ie busiest) so they have given more hours to staff who have more retail experience. They have even given a lot of shifts to a person who is not assigned to our particular store. I feel that this is really unfair and also, how am I meant to get become more experienced when they have been giving me 3 hour shifts.

    So my question is; does the company have the right to do this and based on the above reason? One would think shifts would be given out equally among the casuals.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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    commented 2016-10-26 23:31:55 +1100
    Can my manager open my locker when he feels like it even if im not present? He’s been doing it for a few months,said its company property and he can do it whenever he wants to…
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    commented 2016-10-23 12:20:26 +1100
    Hello, my boss always sends the roster out with hardly any notice. It is almost midday Sunday and the roster that starts tomorrow has not been sent out yet. I texted my boss last night (around 6pm) asking and she said she was sending it out last night.

    I would love to know my rights about this matter.
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    commented 2016-10-21 07:19:00 +1100
    Can my employer force me to take all my accumulated annual leave and force me to take all my long service leave without having consulted with me. i received a letter – direction to take annual leave and l/s/l effective 31.1-16 from a 3rd party 17.10.16 my employer had already gone overseas and is not available for me to discuss this with. i believe he may be available friday 28.10.16 my last day of work if this direction is enforce thank you
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    commented 2016-10-17 20:41:19 +1100
    If an employer is counting how many times you go to the kitchen during the working day, is this harassment?
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    commented 2016-10-16 16:04:19 +1100
    I work for a security company contracted by lend lease and I am being asked to do unsafe work practices such as move heavy steel beams with sharp edges without the use of ppe, being told I can’t wear my hat unless everyone wears a hat (outdoor shopping centre) and that I must wear a jacket if others wear a jacket (in the sun). The ops manager knows we are aware the contract can go at any time and therefore assumes we will just do what he says to keep our job. What can I do if I am sacked for not complying with these rules and refusing to do unsafe work?
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    commented 2016-10-14 20:22:13 +1100
    My work place used all of the annual leave i had accumulated, when I was unfit for work without my permission.

    I need my annual leave to visit my family who live interstate but am now unable to because they used my annual leave without my permission, is that legal? and if so, can I be granted leave without pay for the 1 week I wish to visit my family in Melbourne?

    I feel as though my boss isnt being fair and will not grant me leave without pay or give me the annual leave they used without my permission.

    What are my options here?

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