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Here’s some of the latest articles from On the Job

  • Gender pay gap remains a national shame
    The Wages and Ages: Mapping the Gender Pay Gap by Age data report shows that men out earn women across every generation.
  • Landmark ruling a huge win for gig workers
    The net has started to close on big-tech companies who have denied their workers’ rights with sophisticated sham contracting, following a landmark workers compensation decision in Sydney. Xiaojun Chen died while delivering food for the Tech platform Hungry Panda. He has been recognised as an employee of the company under New South Wales workers’ compensation scheme. 
  • Union calls for review of Australia’s failing energy market
    As many Australians workers feel the cold bite of winter, they’re struggling to understand why they might be facing blackouts and power cuts while trying to stay warm. 
  • A wage rise is great but what happens now?
    “Many workers have been traumatised by their pandemic experiences. Finally, there is now hope for them that they’ve been recognised for the contribution that they’ve made to this country.”
  •  Who are the “forgotten Australians”? 
    When politicians pull out the term “forgotten Australians” what are the chances that they’re referring to you?