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Unstable work and wages: a product of political will

Date Published: 31/08/2021
Category: Analysis Working life

Last week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics published their employment and wage price index for the June quarter. We take a look beyond the numbers.


Equal pay in Australia – are you working for free?

Date Published: 31/08/2021
Category: Workers rights Working women

Today is Equal Pay Day – a day to raise awareness of the gender pay gap in Australia.


Vital transport workers take a stand for secure work

Date Published: 30/08/2021
Category: On The Job Workers rights

Australians have never been more dependent on the hard work and diligence of transport workers, writes Francis Leach


ASU vaccination campaign shows the power of unions

Date Published: 27/08/2021
Category: On The Job

The power of unions has been on display as ASU members rally to help diability workers reach vaccination targets, writes Francis Leach


Australia has a chance to make workplaces safer, but Morrison is ignoring key rights women fought hard to achieve

Date Published: 25/08/2021
Category: Working women

The Government must adopt the [email protected] recommendations so no worker has to choose between their job and their safety, writes Michele O’Neil


Why you need to worry about Australia’s latest trade deal

Date Published: 23/08/2021
Category: On The Job

Parliament is getting set to ratify the RCEP trade deal, but at what cost to human rights, writes Francis Leach


10 free Zoom backgrounds for the union proud

Date Published: 20/08/2021
Category: Workers rights

Fight zoom fatigue, entertain your colleagues and show your union pride with these free Zoom backgrounds from Australian Unions


Workers caring for Australians still facing vaccine crisis

Date Published: 20/08/2021
Category: On The Job

Contrary to misconceptions, Australia’s health and care sector is still facing a vaccine crisis, writes Francis Leach


Stay at home? Housing must be considered in public health and economic recovery

Date Published: 20/08/2021
Category: Analysis Working life

Addressing the inequalities in Australia’s housing market is essential to our economic recovery, writes Lauren Piko


The fair go is all but gone

Date Published: 17/08/2021
Category: On The Job

COVID-19 has continued to expose vast inequalities, drawing back the curtain on who we really are as a nation and what we stand for, writes Francis Leach