penalty rates

Restore penalty rates

Date Published: 20/09/2017 Category: Workers rights

The problem Hospitality, pharmacy, retail and fast food workers will have their weekend and public holiday pay cut again from 1 July and will face more cuts next year and the year after depending on the industry. This is a pay cut that these workers don’t deserve and cannot afford. From July 1, these workers…

Do I still get penalty rates if I’m sick that day?

Date Published: 17/04/2015 Category: Opinion Workers rights

Erin asks: If I normally work on a day when a public holiday falls but I’m sick on that day and so don’t go in, would I get penalty rates?Penalty rates are payable if people work on a public holiday, but aren’t paid if the day is taken off.

Protect Weekend Rates

Date Published: 11/07/2014 Category: Workers rights

Weekends still mean something in Australia – a night out with friends, catching a match or playing with your kids. But for people who serve us in restaurants, fill our prescriptions, care for our elderly and keep us safe, weekends are just another work day. Australians have always been about the fair go, that’s why…