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Fruit picking worker exploitation exposes the human cost of low prices

A new campaign from the Australian Worker’s Union has put a spotlight on blatant exploitation within the fruit picking industry and places pressure on the National Farmers Federation and supermarket duolopy to push back against these practices. Journalist for The Guardian Australia, Ben Butler spoke with On the Job with Francis Leach & Sally Rugg…


New IR laws a “kick in the guts for young workers”

Director of the Young Workers Centre, Felicity Sowerbutts, says the Morrison Government’s newly introduced Industrial Relations laws are a “kick in the guts” for already vulnerable young workers.


Clothing The Gap and the new IR bill

This episode; a Victorian Aboriginal owned social enterprise that is a dynamic fashion label managed by health professionals and the Federal Government’s latest industrial relations bill.


Secure jobs with decent pay and conditions key to “a better normal after COVID-19″

Shadow Minister for Education and Training, the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP says Australians deserve a “better normal” for the sacrifices made during the pandemic including jobs “that are secure with decent pay and conditions”.


Tanya Plibersek MP, says investment in cheaper, cleaner renewable energy is a “no brainer”

Shadow Minister for Education and Training, the Hon.Tanya Plibersek MP, says investment in cheaper, cleaner renewable energy is a “no brainer” as we begin our COVID-19 recovery.


Gender bias still a big player in sport

Australia’s most capped netball coach, Lisa Alexander, says it’s time the “weight of numbers” shifted. The highly experienced former Australian Diamonds boss recently applied for the now-filled senior coaching position at AFL club North Melbourne and was told she wouldn’t be receiving an interview.