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ACTU Gift in Wills Charter


ACTU Gift in Wills Charter

When you are kind enough to remember ACTU in your Will, these are the promises we make to you:

  • We will always respect your privacy. We recognise and appreciate that your Will is completely personal to you.


  • We also realise that, rightly, your family and loved ones will always come first.


  • We recognise that your bequest is an important and personal decision and you need to make it in your own time.


  • You can tell us that you’ve left a gift if you want to, and we’d love to hear or you can choose to remain anonymous and we won’t keep asking.


  • If you do choose to tell us, we will give you the choice about how we talk to you in the future about our work and how you might wish that to be acknowledged when the bequest is realised.


  • We will give you the opportunity to keep regularly updated with the work we do, that is made possible by gifts like yours.


  • At any time, you have the absolute right to change your mind about a gift in your Will to the ACTU. Nothing is legally binding.


  • We will handle whatever gift you leave us carefully and efficiently – with care, sensitivity and respect.


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