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Solidarity Forever

Australian Unions supporters like you are transforming the lives of working people in Australia by leaving a gift to the Australian union movement in their Will.  Your decision to support our movement with a gift in your Will adds to an Australian union movement legacy of almost 100 years. Our trade union movement has a powerful history of winning fair pay, better rights and forging a more just society for everyone in our country.

For more information about leaving a gift in your will visit our solidarity forever page and read about how other gifts are being used to strengthen our movement.

You can also download the Solidarity Forever booklet

Can you make a donation? We hate asking for money, we know so many people already give their time and energy to so many campaigns.

All the money we raise (and more) goes into campaigns on the issues that help improve working people’s lives. Whether it’s campaigning for more secure work, paid family violence leave, increasing the minimum wage or making our workplaces safer the union movement invests every dollar in making life better for working people. That happens because the union movement is working people.

In 2020 there a number of big new campaigns around wage theft, Morrison’s attacks on minimum wages and your rights at work as well as how we tackle sexual harassment and mental health injuries in the workplace.

If you feel you can make a donation please go to our secure link.