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  • Alan Burke
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    commented 2016-04-15 10:11:50 +1000
    By now most can see;Lawyers,Doctors,people in top 1% @ Uni! = Politicians, NOT STUPIDS! BUTT CROOKS,,,,,,yeeess that,s what they R! London,s Mont Pelerin Society has control over Liberal & Country parties MP,S, want Australia 2 be a Mineral quarry owned by them & operated 4 their profits,(U can C Aussie businesses & jobs disappearing) Libs & C.P. R seeing 2 this!
  • bill boyd
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    commented 2016-04-14 20:17:50 +1000
    Aurizon is a company that brings in inferior coal wagons at the expense of Australian made units. Pity that the wagons have to be virtually rebuilt to meet Australian standards
    Australian dairies being bought by Chinese corporations, Chinese iron ore mines, chinese coal, chinese cattle stations for their beef and now the chinese can sue the government for improving the working conditions, safety standards and any thing else that the chinese don’t like
    And the turnbull government is too weak to bring the tax avoiders ( chinese companies included) to task for tax avoidance
    Time to break the coalition up as neither the Liberal party or the National party have any idea on how to run the country for the benefit of all Australians
    May be a commission into the workings of the coalition would be more beneficial than that held into the unions
  • Glenn Jones
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    commented 2016-04-14 20:01:08 +1000
    It is obvious with the probable closure of Aurium Steel that the Governments plan is to completely do away with any sort of manufacturing in Australia. It started in the Howard years where I had to change my career path as the Wool production industry died.
    I then worked in a steel manufacturing industry and found that, and this is fact, that the quality of steel from China is very inferior to what is manufactured in Australia. Cheap steel is not necessarily cheaper as quality has to stand for something. Australian manufactured steel passed that test and was able to be processed without down times and outages caused by poor quality steel from China.
    We kept our roles separate so we did not get it wrong, but every now and then a client would ask for this inferior steel to be processed costing the company heaps in production and profits as we battled with poor quality steel.
    We have been sold out all right, but it has and will continue to cost jobs in Australia for along time to come.
  • Jeremiah Togo
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    commented 2016-04-14 18:25:14 +1000
    We have definitely being sold out to the Chinese .Already there are Chinese fabrication Company’s in Melbourne compete ting with local Company’s for steel construction work .They have the advantage of bringing in cheaper steel from mother China and virtually wiping out any opposing tenders.
    They will start to bring in their own labor to erect and assemble on site….Where will Aussie jobs be in the future…Libs are a bunch of sell outs.
  • Robin Lloyd
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    commented 2015-09-15 20:03:56 +1000
    Ok, I’m on a roll, my previous comment may have had some effect. Turn the spotlight on Turnbull now, give the FTA the flick, or completely re-author it to not dis-advantage our workers and farmers. Don’t sell our country out from under us! That would be foolish and not good business Malcolm.
  • Julie Buchanan
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    commented 2015-07-28 13:14:11 +1000
    The China Free Trade Deal – whats in it for us? Unemployment. Thanks Tony. Chinese gov must be having a laugh.
  • Alan Burke
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    commented 2015-07-28 09:59:18 +1000
    If any of you have not read “HOW TO KILL A COUNTRY!” you should do so in all haste! Book exposes “Honest John Howards” sell-out of Australia,s interests in his “FTA” with America.Since Mr Abbottoir (more cuts than a butcher)sees him STILL as a hero of the Liberal party,you should know what to expect from him,basically because we let Howard get away with his atrocious sell-out back in 2004! “Opportunity of a lifetime” he called it! Not one Liberal aspiring or actual politician has EVER REMINDED US ABOUT THAT!
  • Gerard Peters
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    commented 2015-07-28 09:52:56 +1000
    dont sell out australian jobs to satisfy your idealism … every country protects its own peoples survival
  • bill boyd
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    commented 2015-07-28 07:42:53 +1000
    I have to wonder at the mentality of Hockey and Abbott in their headlong rush to sell Australia off
    Try buying a block of dirt in Hong Kong (china), Japan, Korea and all you will get is a short term lease as foreigners cannot and are not allowed to own any part of that country
    Now come to Australia and we will sell you everything including the right to rob us blind
    No register of who owns what so how many square miles of Qld is foreign owned
    WE have to approve new coal mines because the foreigners own the dirt and can do what they like on "their " property
    Don’t talk about racism against the chinese as this attitude is perpetuated by them by their continued working to undermine Australian working and life style conditions by working for pittance in their own country and producing inferior products
    The chinese workers have the same problems with governments that continually relegate the workers to slave status as we have but in china ,the army is used to break unions and union leaders and organizers go to jail for indefinite periods
    Hello —sounds like the Liberal Party dream
    We need to scrap all “Free” trade agreements and work for the benefit of our own country not some else’s
    If we must have trade agreements then let them be Fair trade agreements that are open to public discussion as to what is proposed , what benefits are obtained ( not given) and yes reimpose all import duties
    The scrapping of many import duties saw the demise of the vehicle building industry, the white goods industry and the wholesale flow of money out of our economy
  • Kathy Richardson
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    commented 2015-07-28 07:41:58 +1000
    It has nothing to do with racism. This is about our Government selling off our land to overseas interests. This is about our Government allowing overseas investors, that just so happen to be Asian, to bring in their own workforce, and take our jobs. If anything, our Government is being racist against we, the Australian people. Wake up Abbott ~ stop the greed and think about your own children, and their children.
  • Michael Nott
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    commented 2015-07-28 07:36:12 +1000
    This seems wrong … I knew there would be compromises but to import labour without advertising locally seems so counterproductive.
  • Anonymous
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    commented 2015-07-28 02:49:26 +1000
    A lot of Chinese workers embrace Australian working values and contribute a lot in Australia, hope this FTA will not escalate racism against Chinese.
  • Robin Lloyd
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    commented 2015-07-28 00:24:38 +1000
    I call for the current Tony Abbott Liberal Government to be sacked now, and not wait for the next election.

    I knew Abbott couldn’t be trusted when he was Welfare minister for Howard. I couldn’t believe Australia then voted his govt in, even against a then-weak Labor.

    His vision for Australia’s future does not match my vision.
  • bill boyd
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    commented 2015-07-27 20:20:49 +1000
    the one big foot hold that the chinese have in this country has been allowed by the supporters of the live stock export trade
    The chinese already own 4 stations in QLD and this agreement allows for the workers to come in from china, grow the beef , export the beef on the hoof and Australia and QLD get nothing —not even tax from sales , wagers or shipping costs.
    As to the proposed billions of income
    I ask where from because if they own the properties, grow their of stock, pay their own workers over seas and export their own stock to their own country how do we expect the billions from the trade agreement
    It is a bad treaty and there are many people , especially the farmers and graziers who are blinded to the fact that if it is allowed ,the chinese will have no need for any beef from any other producer as they have all this country with which to feed their people and no cost to them
  • Caroline Wernowski
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    commented 2015-07-27 19:16:12 +1000
    I am disgusted with this government and what they are doing to this country. Do you care about Australians at all, or just selling everything to foreigners. I am 100percent with the unions on this.
  • Albert Tweets
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    commented 2015-07-27 18:39:51 +1000
    This threat to job access for Australians could get even worse, I can see that other countries that have a free trade deal going with Aust, and have companies involved in buisness here would be putting some pretty high pressure on Aust govt. to allow them to have the same conditions that the Chinese are going to have. They will claim a so called “even playing field” for themselves . as we also often here from people who are supposed to be looking after the welfare of Aust. So we may be under threat from even a greater number of free trade holders……. we have re-entered the colonial system again, but this time mainly under the control of the multi-national conglomerants “investing” in Aust. The investment is miniscule compared to the profits they will take and the damage for our next generation is irrepairable
  • Glenn Jones
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    commented 2015-07-27 18:11:22 +1000
    It should be mentioned that there has been a lot of job losses over the past twelve months. Most of these people got redundancies and they have to spend that before they get any unemployment benefit. Thus they are not part of the unemployed statistics. They are still out of work.
    Then there is also the fact that very soon we will have another major influx of unemployed coming from the closure of the car industry. Manufacturing continues to cop a flogging, although the AU dollar devaluing will assist.
    Things are not good in Aus and the fact that we have a government intent on using overseas manufacturers in the shipping and rail industries does not help our long term viability to employ our own.
    We can’t let any trade deal that leaves our own out of work. If you want a slogan for Abbott on this then send him this, “It is un-Australia to sell our jobs to overseas countries”.
  • Rod Clarke
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    commented 2015-07-23 22:53:25 +1000
    Dead right anonymous.It is frightening whet this government is doing for the Chinese capitalist/communist government and the likes of Gina Reinhart to destroy our standard of living & what our unions fought so hard for. Tragic.What traitors he & his party are to Australia.
  • David Ayres
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    commented 2015-07-23 22:19:34 +1000
    I am a mature, 62y.o. Australian Citizen, born here. I still work full time. I must, through no fault of my own, continue to work in a menial capacity, for the remainder of my working life. I have no qualifications past my School Certificate 1970. Education and I don’t mix. I am hands on. No trade qualifications. Past experience only.

    I, with such background, protest, in the strongest terms possible, that such premise should even be contemplated, let alone discussed with a foreign national.

    What hope is there for Australians, as a whole, if a foreign national, can come here, under the protection of an FTA, and take not only the unskilled jobs, but also any other work description agreed to, under the auspices of such type of deal. Will it be your job next?

    We, the people are not privy to the detail of such. We will receive some “News” (Biased) from the commercial media, who obviously think that the SUN Shines, where we all know it can’t.

    What little AUNTY can do, without being gagged, remains to be seen.

    Forget your Children and Grandchildren, they will not have a future, nor even a place to call Home, Australia will be sold to the highest or any bidder by this totalitarian, fascist government, by then, and if not in our lifetime, shortly thereafter.

    Well, Australia, YOU have forgotten your heritage, Who it was that fought hard against successive Liberal Governments, to get you the lifestyle that you enjoy now. It was your forefathers, through their hard work, sweat, bloody fights on the street and union solidarity, not the likes of the present Government nor their forebears.

    I am a supporter of The Australian Labour Party. I am not a member of a union, as my employment is such a mishmash of disciplines, that I could probably join a dozen or more and still not be represented fairly to both parties.
  • Alan Burke
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    commented 2015-07-23 10:56:59 +1000
    No one should be under ANY delusions by now as to who Abbottoir-turdworm works for! Keep us a small economy,small population,broke if possible,so we,re EASY to control & dependent on ENGLISH BANKERS! Look what the bastards have left behind them all over the world! They do not want to lose us as they did America.
  • Anonymous
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    commented 2015-07-23 10:02:33 +1000
    Words cannot describe how poorly considered the agreement is and how arrogant this government is to even consider this remotely plausable or satisfactory for Australia in any and every facet. I’ve seen better and more plausable reasoning from a primary school debating team.

    I thought the Labour government lost the plot, but, clearly the Liberal government has also lost it! They have all proven to have lost all sense of value of what Australia is and should be – for AUSTRALIANS!!!

    Each government has shown a complete lack of substance, and peice by peice is allowing every facet of Australia to be sold to off-shore interests where soon the entire country will be ruined and there will be nothing left. I’m at least 15 years from retirement. By that time, and after 50 years of working and paying taxes, there is a high liklihood that there will be little or no pension by the time I might be able to retire, so I will have to be self funded. But, at the rate the government and banks are done with what I have tried to save I won’t have too much as it is being continuously erroded by consecutive governments who change the rules to get their hands on my money!

    Lets not forget the banking community, backed by the government, is also in this. When the GFC happened, who bailed out the banks? The government – with OUR tax dollars!

    Politicians need to grow a spine and stand up for the country they purport to represent – AUSTRALIA!
  • Horst Walter
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    commented 2015-07-23 09:39:34 +1000
    Stop this now. Who is Tony Abbot working for? It certainly looks like it’s not for the Australian people. First this lot sells our land and now also its people. This is outrageous. This lot should all be sacked.
  • Marg Payton
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    commented 2015-07-23 00:02:59 +1000
    I am not currently in the workforce myself as I’m retired. But I’m concerned for the future employment prospects of my children and grandchildren and all Australians generally. Especially in Tasmania, I can see Chinese labour being imported into our agricultural industries. The ISDR clauses of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership and this FTA are bad enough, but these clauses re Chinese workers will further SELL OUT AUSTRALIA if they go ahead! What are you Parliamentarians thinking? What would all the diggers who fought and died in WW2 think if they knew that things would eventuate like this – undermining our sovereignty as a country and undermining the opportunity of our people to earn a living. Who owns Australia? Its invasion by stealth.
  • Jason Arlaud
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    commented 2015-07-22 23:06:37 +1000
    I’m not a union member I’m a member of a medical profession, however I am one hundred percent behind the ACTU on this. When is the Government and politicians as a collective going to do what they have been employed to do. Do what is best for our people, not your election campaign doners.
    This is a bad joke. Being able to bring in foreign workers with less skills and before Australian’s have been offered the jobs is beyond belief ! Will we be able to bring foreign politicians in and get rid of our current batch !
    Finally if deaths occur due to poor training or qualification e.g. Chinese electricians will you the politicians be prepared to be held personally culpable for the deaths…because you should be if it happens.

    This will change my vote if this goes ahead.

    Remember one thing if nothing else you were elected to serve the people…not the other way around .
  • Anonymous
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    commented 2015-07-22 18:02:14 +1000
    Stop this agreement now. Tony Abbot is selling off Australian Agricultral land for Asians and the Chinese to feed their people and now our cattle. This is going too far. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Our jobs are now going to them as well. When is this going to end. Something has to be done to stop this now.
  • Anonymous
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    commented 2015-07-22 18:01:47 +1000
    My message to the committee,

    I am writing to you in your capacity as a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, which is currently examining the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

    I am deeply concerned about our government entering into a trade agreement with China whose government has a history of operating unethically.

    From the examples listed below, it’s quite clear that it’s profits before people, companies are operating in a murky atmosphere of deceit and corruption. Corporations and the government lie to save face and protect their own interests. In this climate do you really think they will take our interests, health and wellbeing into consideration. Not a chance!

    The number of dangerous goods that are imported into Australia without any checks and balances, are quite frankly frightening. These include, building materials containing asbestos, children’s crayons containing asbestos, highly flammable aluminium cladding that set alight the Lacrosse Tower in Melbourne, Berries contaminated with Hepatitis A, fake pharmaceuticals, and cancer causing dioxins in herbicides. These are some I can think of off the top of my head, I’m sure there are plenty more.

    On an environmental note, consider how China’s environmental pollution has destroyed and poisoned the environment, where by some local authorities place fake sheep in the landscape to make it look ‘better’, cancer villages are emerging and babies are born poisoned. See Lu Guang’s photos from National Geographic and the World Press Photography exhibition at the link below.

    On a human rights level, I ask you is it responsible and ethical to enter into a free trade agreement with a country that executes more people than all other countries combined, that kidnaps children and holds them as political prisoners or harvests organs from live prisoners, to name a few atrocities? And what about animals and biodiversity, should we enter into a fair trade agreement with a country that has helped to bring so many animals to the brink of extinction?

    For the sake of us all, our health and safety and the long term viability of our resources and environment, China needs to be made to be more ethical, transparent and accountable in it’s dealings before we can consider a FAIR trade agreement.
    Please understand that this issue is one that has the capacity to change my vote at the next election.
  • julian king
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    commented 2015-07-22 17:55:35 +1000
    WE must realise that this government is not representing Australia’s interests but those of transnational corporations who desire a downward spiral to the lowest common denominator. Only when we are on the same wage regime as slave labour in China, Indonesia, and Myanmar will they be happy.
  • Robynne Burchell
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    commented 2015-07-22 16:59:27 +1000
    Already importing foreign workers and ignoring the locals in Eden-Monaro. This will make things far worse.This govt had no right to sign away jobs in Australia for a photo opportunity.
  • Anthony Papaconstuntinos
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    commented 2015-07-22 16:58:10 +1000
    Not only was this treacherous Free Trade Agreement negotiated covertly but also without any formal approval from the Australian electorate. The federal government for whatever distorted or twisted reason, believes that this and other Free Trade Agreements are excellent and will be beneficial to our country and were negotiated by our highly skilled Trade Minister Andrew Robb. Well I certainly disagree and don’t understand how anyone can get things so wrong. Negotiating away the right to work for Australia`s unemployed, particularly our unemployed youth, no skills test for tradesmen, lowering our standards and permitting foreign companies to sue our country for loss of earnings. What was Andrew Robb smoking at the time of secretly selling us out, obviously Not Taylor made cigarettes ?
  • Rod Clarke
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    commented 2015-07-22 16:16:35 +1000
    Leanne’s comment hits the nail on the head. This is treasonous.Staggering that Abbott is bending over for a capitalist totalitarian government!!!!