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Save Our Weekend

Weekends still mean something in Australia – a night out with friends, catching a match or playing with your kids . But for the people who serve us in restaurants, fill our prescriptions, care for our elderly and drive our ambulances , weekends are just another work day.

Australians have always been about the fair go , that’s why the people who work when most of us enjoy family time are compensated adequately for it – a boost that for many is all that keeps food on the table.

Unions have fought for and won penalty rates. This government wants to build a class of working poor.

Employer groups and the Federal Government seem determined to scrap penalty rates. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for almost 2 million Award-reliant workers to lose their penalty rates altogether.

And the government is trying to ram a Bill through the Parliament to make it easier for bosses to force workers to give up penalty rates under individual contracts.

With your help we can stop them and together, we can build a better future.

Sign the petition today. Once you’ve signed, share it with your social media network.

There are plenty of small businesses who are not opposed to penalty rates. Over Easter, download and print this small poster for your favourite small businesses, so they can show their support. Take photos of any posters you see and share them on social media #saveourweekend.

Click the pic to download the poster (PDF)