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Save Our Weekend


Weekends still mean something – a night out with friends, catching a match or playing with your kids. But for those who serve us in restaurants, fill our prescriptions, care for our elderly or run our emergency services, weekends are just another work day.

They deserve to be fairly compensation for missing out on this precious time. And for many, these penalty rates help to make ends meet.

But the Abbott Government and employers are calling for penalty rates to be reduced or abolished.

This would mean a massive pay cut for millions of workers and all of the businesses they shop at.

With your help we can stop them and together, build a better future.

Please sign the petition calling on Sarah Henderson, the Liberal Party MP for the marginal seat of Corangamite in Victoria to publicly support penalty rates.

Unions are having a week of action on penalty rates in this seat - please show your support.

Download this penalty rates flyer to share with friends and family.