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Sexual Harassment Inquiry


Sexual harassment is a serious workplace health and safety issue.

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner has released a report showing that sexual harassment in Australian workplaces is rife and our laws are failing to keep workers safe. The report makes a number of recommendations for reform, including stronger health and safety laws to stop sexual harassment before it starts.

Our Sexual Harassment survey found that two in three women, and one in three men, have been subjected to sexual harassment at work. Forty per cent of workers who are harassed tell no one at all about their experiences, because they fear that they will not get justice.

Over 100 community organisations have signed the #Power2Prevent joint statement calling for urgent changes, including stronger workplace health and safety laws requiring employers to tackle the underlying causes of sexual harassment at work, and stop it before it starts. These changes are also supported by an independent review into our health and safety laws and a recent Productivity Commission report into mental health.

Everyone has the right to a safe, healthy and respectful workplace.

Work shouldn’t hurt. Act now to support stronger health and safety laws to end sexual harassment at work.