How your Super savings are shaping the economy

Date Published: 26/06/2022

Australia’s industry super funds have become one of the country’s biggest and most powerful forces in determining investment decisions and the shape and nature of our economy.

Politics not as usual with Lech Blaine

Date Published: 19/06/2022

In the short few weeks since the election of the Albanese Labor government, Australia feels.

What ‘Forgotten Australians’?

Date Published: 13/06/2022

It hasn’t taken long for the defeated Liberal Party to give their tired old jukebox of classic Tory hits a swift kick to get it playing a familiar tune.

Elon Musk, Twitter, and why billionaires are a bad idea

Date Published: 05/06/2022

When the world was in the depths of this gruesome pandemic, the world’s billionaires were carrying on like it wasn’t happening.

Michele O’Neil on what an Albanese Labor Government means for workers.

Date Published: 29/05/2022

It’s a week since the election of the new Albanese Labor government and the appetite and expectation for change is huge.

Change the government, change the country.

Date Published: 22/05/2022

It’s a couple of days after polling day and Francis and Sally are here with their reactions to the election of an Albanese Labor Government.

Barrie Cassidy on election 2022

Date Published: 15/05/2022

After nearly four decades as one of Australia’s foremost political journalists, Barrie Cassidy is enjoying his first election in years as just another voter with opinions of his own that he can share when and how he likes.

When Francis met Sally, again!

Date Published: 08/05/2022

In between their bouts of COVID, various travel and work commitments, and the time/space continuum being utterly shredded by the madness of modern living, Francis and Sally haven’t been together on the pod for a while.

The big lie about good government

Date Published: 01/05/2022

How much government is too much government?

If the neo-liberal politicians and commentariat had their way,  Australia would be shrinking its government footprint even at a time in our history where massive crisis like climate change and the COVID19 pandemic has shown that there is a major role for strong, effective, and substantial government action.

Sally McManus on why this election maters.

Date Published: 25/04/2022

As 2022 Federal Election campaign gathers steam, it’s clear that there is plenty on the line for workers.