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Our Community

In Australia, we can be proud that we have a society that reflects the values of fairness  and egalitarianism.

Those values have always been reflected in the role of government in providing public services and support that ensure everyone has access to decent services and no-one is left behind.

But now the future role of government and the public services all Australians rely on is under threat from a big-business dominated razor gang.

The National Commission of Audit, chaired by the President of the Business Council of Australia, Tony Shepherd, with four other members linked to the Liberal Party and big business has made it clear that nothing is off limits when it comes to looking for cost savings.

They are operating in secret and the Government won't release the report until after the May Budget, leaving Australians in the dark about what vital services will be cut.

With so many important programs at risk it's time that the government hears what is important to you.

The ALP and Greens have set up a Senate Select Committee to shed light on the inner workings of the secret Commission of Audit.

So while Tony Abbott might want the Commission of Audit to operate in the shadows, you can let them know what workers and their families need in their communities.

The Select Committee is taking submissions about what you value in your community and what you want ruled out from cuts and privatisation.

What's on the table?

  • Cuts to Medicare and introduction of new GP Fees
  • Privatising the ABC, SBS and Australian Post
  • Merging Australian Post and Centrelink
  • Means testing for the pension, including the family home
  • Raising the GST
  • Selling the Australian Submarine Corporation
  • Privatising health services
  • Massive job cuts and cuts to essential services
  • Changes to education funding
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