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No pay for compulsory training?

Question posted by Sonia: My husband is a disability support worker who attended a compulsory training course in work hours and was told he was not going to be paid for that time. So he lost pay for an 8 hour shift for a 5 hour training session that was mandatory for the job he works in. Is this right?

Australian Unions Reply:  02:14 PM 17.05.13

Hi Sonia, good on you for looking out for your husband’s rights at work. Your husband should be paid for the time he spent at training. I’ll be giving you a call today to discuss how your husband and his co-workers can make a claim for unpaid wages, but it would be best if we could speak with your husband directly, please pass on our phone number to him, which is 1300 486 466 (1300 4 UNION).

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