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Send a message to the Qantas board


Qantas has just announced a record pre-tax profit of $1.6 billion.

It’s the hard work of the Qantas staff that delivered record profits.

So how does Qantas recognise its dedicated workforce?

With a so-called ‘bonus’, most of which isn’t paid until AFTER Qantas workers sign up to new agreements.  For many, that is years away.

It’s only fair that we are paid the bonus promised to us – and paid it NOW.

Sign the petition NOW and tell the Qantas Board we won’t accept a delay. 

We want to be paid what’s been promised.

We, the undersigned Qantas workers, call on you to recognise the hard work of the Qantas staff that has delivered a record-breaking profit.

We reject the payment of bonuses for Executives and Senior Executives made solely on the basis of last year’s performance when our bonus is not.

We call on Qantas to pay the bonus to all Qantas staff NOW.

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Sharon Lin
Debra Cripps
Georg Fink
Nicole Milanovic
Lothinthasone kittikhoun
Lisa Tang
Laura Solomon
Don Kohlmann
Garry Duzevich
Chris Cauchi
Michael Baker
Albert Papichio
Brett Mercer
Leanne Pion
Andy Murphy
Dianne Vincent
Damien Bastic
Emma Trowbridge
Judy Paulakuhn
John Nguyen
Geoff Mosley
Colin Lawson
Leonardo Gasparre
Michael Young
stephen brown
John Dewhurst
Michael McKenna
Clayton Anderson
Queen Dunbar
Mathea Poynton
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