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Help for the Security industry

Question posted by Michael: Hi, I am wondering if anyone can point me in the correct direction regarding what union to join etc, I work in the security industry and to be honest I am sick of the BS, the company I currently works for has basically lied time and time again about rosters, fly in and fly out dates and the change of roster regarding pay. I try and fight for the rights of the workers on my own and am basically being bullied either until I stop or until it gets that bad that I will quit. Need a little help finding out what the rights of the workers are and the best union to help.


Australian Unions Reply:  09:35 AM 27.03.13

It’s great you want to join a union Michael. You can claim your membership fees as a work related expense come tax time and you have the security of knowing you have someone to go to if you ever have problems at work. Australia Unions has a joining service which we run in conjunction with our affiliates. We can find out which union would be the correct one for you, how much the fees will be and if you still want to go ahead with your membership, we’ll add you to the union’s membership list. It’s really easy. We’ll give you a call today to have a chat about this so we can get the ball rolling. We’ll also be able to give you some general advice on anything you might already be worried about at your workplace.

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