Tell Your MP: We Need Secure Jobs And Safe Climate Jobs

Governments, unions and businesses worldwide have been coming together over recent weeks to improve efforts to fight the climate crisis.

The Morrison Government is undermining global progress on climate change, and have no credible emissions targets or climate change or energy policy. Australia is falling behind the rest of the world in responding to climate change. This is a growing risk to Australian workers’ jobs and industries. Time is running out.

Australian unions and workers know that the world is facing a climate crisis. We are committed to ensuring Australia leads on climate change and that the action we take is good for workers. We can create good, secure, unionised jobs, reduce emissions and ensure workers and communities are strengthened by the right responses to climate change.

We’re asking for:

  1. A clean energy economy powered by secure jobs.
  2. Jobs and a Just Transition to support workers and communities.
  3. The government to commit to proper climate targets:

For too long workers have been left out of Australia’s climate policy debate. Climate change effects every job and sector and the voices of workers needs to be heard.

Can you email your MP right now to ask them to commit to deliver secure jobs and a safe climate?

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