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Our living standards make Australia great, but the Liberals are undermining them. We can stop them. Pledge to put them last this election.

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A good job makes all the difference. But for too many people the Liberals’ only jobs plan seems to be to lose them.

Funding our schools

Every child deserves the best possible education, no matter what their background or where they live. That’s what Gonski funding can provide. The Liberals supported it in opposition, but have scrapped it in government.

My rights at work

Our rights at work make Australia great. But the Liberals are trying to make it easier for employers to force lower pay and less job security on to workers.

Affordable higher education

Our kids need access to quality and affordable Uni and TAFE. But the Liberals want Uni students to pay $100,000 for degrees and gut TAFE.

Penalty rates

Workers missing out on time with family and friends deserve their penalty rates. But Liberal MPs are calling for them to be slashed.

Corporations paying their fair share of tax

Working people are contributing their fair share of tax, but many corporations and the extremely rich are not. Instead of fixing this, the Liberals are thinking about giving them a tax cut.

Medicare & our hospitals

Everyone should get the healthcare they need. But the Liberals are cutting billions from health, and pushing us towards an American-style user-pays system.

Decent Super & pensions

Our world class superannuation system helps workers to enjoy a secure retirement. But the Liberals are trying to hand over our retirement savings to the big banks.

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This election will come down to the wire. Taking the pledge can be a powerful way of showing your friends and family that you are taking a stand this election on an issue you care about.

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