Election Door Knock - ACTU Australian Unions

Election Door Knock


The Federal Election is coming and the Liberals and Nationals have made their priorities clear - tax cuts that favour the top 1 per cent of income earners and big corporations, while most working Australians are worse off. Billions cut from schools and hospitals have not been restored.

The trade union movement is defending the hard-won conditions of working people and fighting for our living standards. 

Now is the time to join in.

Together with other local union members, we'll have the conversations that matter to ensure all Australians can access the essential services needed to maintain a decent quality of life.

Come along yourself, and bring a friend or two. You'll be trained and provided with all the materials and info you need on the day.

RSVP NOW. Every conversation counts.


4th June South Grafton
18th June Springwood
4th June Frankston
5th June Narre Warren