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Donate to stop Malcolm Turnbull attacking workers' rights

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals have declared 2017 the year for stripping workers of our rights. But we will stop them.

Right now, working people need more power and better rights to counter corporate greed and inequality. Every day there are more scandals in the headlines about workers being underpaid and exploited as our jobs are outsourced or replaced by low paid, insecure work.

It's time to go forwards, not backwards.

We are going to fight back against Malcolm Turnbull and his corporate allies with your support. We will stop their attacks, and then join together to demand the changes that create and protect jobs we can count on. We will demand better, fairer rights for all workers and we will win.

We can stop Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals from attacking our rights and living standards just like we stopped Tony Abbott, but we need the support of people like you.

To win takes resources. The Liberals might have their big business backers, but we have ordinary working people. We have you.

The best way you can ensure Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals don’t get their extreme agenda through is to become a Monthly Contributor - Hit the button below to make regular donations.

But anything you can contribute will make a difference – why not give $5 now and help us fight the Liberals’ attacks?

Every dollar counts in stopping Malcolm Turnbull.

Are you with us?