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Community Guidelines

Australian Unions’ Facebook page is a community for union members, retired union members and their supporters or people who are interested in joining a union.

We aim to have a community that engages and shares their views, ideas, knowledge and experiences. The Australian union movement is incredibly diverse, so please be respectful of others and not engage in behaviour that would make a fellow union member feel excluded or uncomfortable.

If you don’t support unions, this is not the page for you. Trolls will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to ban anyone from our community so our standards and community are protected.

Community Standards

Keep it abuse free. Comments using inappropriate language, which are abusive towards others, or which appear to deliberately provoke arguments, will be deleted. Any behaviour that makes supporters feel harassed or likely to disengage with the community will could also be removed.

Don't break the law. Do not post comments which are defamatory, discriminatory, incite violence, infringe copyright or are otherwise unlawful. Messages that are factually wrong and misleading may also be deleted.

Stay on topic. The space provided on news articles and opinion pieces is provided for you to discuss the articles' content. Do not post messages which are irrelevant.

Be concise. By keeping your contributions short and to the point, they're most likely to engage and inspire other people.

Don't dominate the conversation. Everyone has a right to share their views, as long as comments are not in violation of these guidelines. Be respectful of others and try not to take up all the space!

Don't advertise. Contributions that seek to endorse commercial products or activities or solicit business will be deleted.

Use your real name. Do not use a nickname that is defamatory, abusive or contains swearing. Contributors must not intentionally impersonate other people.

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