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China FTA rallies


The more the details of the Liberals' disastrous China Free Trade Agreement become known, the more people are realising that it's a dud deal for Australian workers.

There will be as series of public rallies that coincide with the hearings of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties - the pollies who are examining the agreement to determine that it's "in our interests". Attend a rally in your city:

Event details will be updated as soon as information becomes available.

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  • Gerry Constantinou
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    commented 2015-10-23 17:41:12 +1100
    Attend a rally..What does that mean? IT means YOU ! What is your excuse not to? Family comitments? Think about your comitment to your Family for the future generations.
  • Pete Melanie
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    commented 2015-08-30 21:34:35 +1000
    Hard enough to get a job I’m highly skilled and experienced yet after 100’s of applications not one call back how bad will it get. Give me an address and a banner I will march anywhere for Australian workers rights
  • Paulio Antonio
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    commented 2015-08-13 10:34:34 +1000
    Never thought I’d be saying this, but if the part in the China free trade agreement allowing Chinese workers to come here to work on projects over 150 million dollars isn’t removed by the next election, my votes going to Labor (If they make it a part of their pledge to remove it). It’s a completely short sighted, idiotic idea.

    My mind boggles at all the dirty deals that must have been done for our elected officials to sell us out like this… Stop bringing in overseas workers and start making Aussies work, encourage our youth more, skill skill skill, get better programs going to help people get gainful employment… scrap the damn dole if needs be.

    What next? We sell our souls for $$$ Enough is enough!!! So angry over our GREEDY SELF SERVINGLEADERS”.

    Stop selling our citizens out you bastards!
  • Ho Yan Kwan
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    commented 2015-08-02 11:45:22 +1000
    I’m from Hong Kong, and I can say with conviction that any deals will china will only benefit china, and a bad deal for the other party. Hong Kong screwed up by signing our cepa, Taiwanese are aganst their government signing free trade with china, Australia cannot fall to chinese economic imperialism! Australia’s mining industry suffered chiefly because of over reliance on china!
  • Tracey Munro
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    commented 2015-07-29 13:25:03 +1000
    Now lets see what this govt and their previous party members (of past years), have set up and done todate:
    Sell off, manufacturing/jobs of aussies, Who to? foreign investors
    residential properties, loads, heaps, Who to? foreign investors
    and now, selling off public school places Who to? foreign investors.
    check out Today tonight, 29 July 2015, Sell off public school places.
    Good on the union for the tv advertisment, watched that, to the point, let them know, we’re watching and we know what they are up to. Whats the rule, Look for Patterns, 1st.oh must have been an/a coincident, 2nd. whats this person/s doing? 3rd. their out to get me. Two points don’t make a pattern add the 3rd and bingo, it’s a pattern.
  • julian king
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    commented 2015-07-28 09:42:31 +1000
    Its the government who has promoted this shift to manufacture off shore and indeed if you don’t you will go insolvent since you cannot compete with slave labour. The government under Whitlam and all subsequent governments of both parties have gradually removed tariffs on goods manufactured overseas. Tariffs protect our manufacturing base in Australia from competition in countries who do not protect workers conditions, do not allow unions, who have no minimum wages, who have no environmental laws, etc. So the government is supporting manufacturing in these slave labour countries and penalising Australia. They are traitors no less. We can’t blame the companies as they are only adjusting to the laws imposed by the government. We must have a government that reintroduces tariffs so that our wage and environmental standards are maintained otherwise we will continue down the spiral towards the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately Labor still supports a no tariff policy without explaining why. There is no level playing field when you look at the gross human rights violations in countries like China, Indonesia, and Myanmar, you simply cannot compare our hard won labour and environmental laws, its simply a sad joke on us. Where are the real representatives of the Australian community???
  • Paul Belfrage
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    commented 2015-07-27 21:59:51 +1000
    Can barely look at Abbott’s photo these days!..the intellect of a goldfish masquerading as a political statesman that and the contempt for Australian workers that he carries around…Cheap labor unskilled Chinese and heaps of work for them as they wont claim rights or complain of shit’ll be like a holiday for them after leaving an oppressive communist country..,Worse still will be what happens to us!…STAND ON THIS BULLSHIT NOW!
  • Rodney Rand
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    commented 2015-07-27 18:26:24 +1000
    We need to keep as many industries viable in Australia as we can. This will keep Aussie workers employed and keep cheap chi ease imports out. We have to as a nation think of our children’s future which will be in peril if we allow the chinese unfettered rights to our markets and put stringent controls on the purchase of our farmlands and water allocations.
    If this is allowed to continue I see our future generations reduced to serfdom
    Stop this agreement and the pan pacific that’s near as well
  • julian king
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    commented 2015-07-27 17:29:50 +1000
    I’d also like to see a stand against the sell off of our land to overseas interests and selling citizenship along with it. We seem to be one of the few countries who allow the farm to be sold offshore. I can’t see any benefit to Australia but correct me if I’m wrong.
  • Ben Sweeney
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    commented 2015-07-24 10:21:29 +1000
    Is treason still a crime? Wouldnt signing the FTA or TTP be classed as a traitorist act since they have no benefit to australia and its people? Or could it come under the terrorist laws for trying to alter our way of life in such a negative way??

    Just curious???
  • 💧☘️Rhona Eastment💦
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    commented 2015-07-22 18:54:24 +1000
    Whilst this government is in power we are losing so much. Free Trade Agreements, it has been proven, actually do not benefit Australia. We are also extremely concerned about the TPP. Too much secrecy, too much power given to the big international Corporations. Once signed, too late. This agreement is being sold deceitfully. There will be no testing on Australian employment before bringing in Chinese workers. There are 10 job categories that will not have to meet our standards. The Investor State State Dispute Agreement WILL protect the investor against Australia. Philip Morris has already used their Hong Kong office to sue Australia over Cigarette Plain Packaging. So much more. We really should stop this madness over so-called Free Trade Agreements.
  • David Knox
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    commented 2015-07-22 18:46:21 +1000
    Where is the Darwin rally? Surely with so many sparkies currently working up here (who stand to lose out greatly by the FTA) I would have thought there would be one here for sure.
  • George Orwell
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    commented 2015-07-22 17:56:55 +1000
    THIS is the issue that will galivinise the country. The carbon tax issue was a joke. But everysingle ozzie of every single ethnicity is terrified at Oz becoming a vassal state of the Chinese government. Our labour laws and standards will be shattered. Our standard of living reduced to that of a chinese factory worker. Our prime land sold off to coal mines which will not profit us at all, our Medicare flooded with old parents of chinese workers – forcing its privatization as it will become bankrupt. This will win Labor the election. If only it has the guts to stand firm.
  • Wendy Coleman
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    commented 2015-07-22 16:22:14 +1000
    Will there be one in Darwin?