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ChAFTA Debates

Will the China Free Trade Agreement be good for local jobs? 

Local MPs are invited to join workers and unions at a series of public debates.

The Turnbull Liberal Government is intent on forcing the China Free Trade Agreement through the Senate before Christmas.

Australian Unions believe the China Free Trade Agreement will:

  • be BAD for local jobs
  • be BAD for workplace safety
  • be BAD for local communities
  • undercut local rates of pay
  • exploit overseas workers

Come hear both sides and decide for yourself!

When Where
18th Nov  Bomaderry Bowling Club, 154 Meroo Rd, Bomaderry, New South Wales
18th Nov Koondoola Hall, 1/20 Burbridge Ave, Koondoola, Western Australia
18th Nov Cairns Sheridan Hotel, 295 Sheridan St, Cairns, Queensland
19th Nov Riverway Arts Centre, 20 Village Blvd, Thuringowa, Queensland
20th Nov Victoria Park State School Hall, 15 Goldsmith St, Mackay South, Queensland 



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  • D Johnson Johnsin
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    commented 2015-10-22 12:41:09 +1100
    There is NO presentations for anyone west of the Blue Mountains !!! From my limited understanding, ChAFTA will effect regional centres more than city slickers.
  • Roger Raven
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    commented 2015-10-21 23:35:07 +1100
    The 2014 Mortimer Review into Australia’s export policies and programmes (“Winning in World Markets”) found that Australia’s “free” trade agreements are delivering the opposite of the promised economic benefits – they are damaging.

    It found a worsening of Australia’s terms of trade with all FTA partners, any increased market share is ambiguous, there is limited evidence of new market entrants, and with the exception of some food, manufacturing and service exports, many exporters saw no increase in exports. Conclusions generally agreed by the Productivity Commission.
    Australia’s FTAs have caused 26,000 job losses.

    FTAs are surprisingly, consistently, bad.
  • Jose Dominguez
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    commented 2015-10-21 22:50:15 +1100
    Simple my friends, no Australian worker should be overlooked to employ other nationalities, shame on gutless political parties not looking afther our own workers.
  • Mike Ballard
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    commented 2015-10-21 21:15:59 +1100
    “Shorten said many unions don’t support the FTA for a range of reasons and said there were 800,000 people in Australia on temporary work arrangements in a time of relatively high unemployment.” from “The Labor Herald” today.
    Says it all, doesn’t it?
    Why allow 457s when there are 800,000 unemployed Australians chasing after 150,000 job openings all the time?
    Free public education through uni for Australian citizens would be like Gough, this ain’t. smile emoticon This is a bit of New Labour. I think voters want a more Corbyn like approach to political matters. I don’t think we’ll win on Tory-lite policies.
  • ginger gordy
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    commented 2015-10-21 20:14:54 +1100
    democracy has always been a popular goal, but sadly an illusion — for all the nations that have political elections but also have a capitalist economy. why do we think we live in democracies when the majority of adult lives are spent working in jobs that are the opposite of democracy (closer to feudalism and we are the serfs), when the CEOs and Boards of Directors (about 20 people who are not chosen by the public or the workers) make decisions based on the immoral rules of capitalism (increase profit, no matter the cost to others) that have profound damaging effects on our lives, our environment, and our communities? i’ve recently learned how we can all do much better without capitalism if we take democracy to the workplace.
    see Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism,
    by Professor Richard D. Wolff
    not only is a majority of our waking hours spent in situations we have no say in, by allowing our economy to be capitalism we also allow the owners and controllers of the economy to accrue excessive wealth for themselves, which they use to corrupt the only democracy we have left — our laws, politicians and elections. no wonder our elected leaders rarely act according to the wishes of the public! so we are losing all the way around, which is why democracy is an illusion. we’ve been scammed!
    sure capitalism has also done a lot of good as well as harm. but that was only when the good-for-us also benefited those in control. when capitalists were limited to a local work force and local customers, they treated us much better. but with the development of fast global transportation and communications, they realised they could make much more profit by taking their businesses and wealth to undeveloped countries with cheap labour and no regulations. they have no patriotic loyalty to their origins as that principle is not part of the capitalist ethos. can we change this situation by arresting and gaoling those who are in power and doing the most damage? NO — more capitalists will immediately take their place. the only way is for the majority of the public to be aware of the issues and demand a better economic system — worker-managed enterprises.
    successful alternatives already exist (e.g. see Mondragon in Spain). Changing the organization of our enterprises, according to Prof. Wolff, offers a way to a better future.
  • Linda O'Brien
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    commented 2015-10-21 19:07:51 +1100
    Australian jobs should go to Australians FIRST! Everyone needs to be involved in this even if you no longer work, your children and grandchildren need your support. This is not just for blue colour workers, white collars are at risk too!!!!