Too many workers have an insecure, unreliable job

Fewer rights at work, lower pay, no ability to plan for the future. Workers in this country used to have secure work they could count on.

Insecure work impacts everyone.

Almost a decade of consecutive Liberal governments has chipped away at workers’ rights to please big business. In the past few years, laws have been changed and workers' rights have been removed.

If we don't restore job stability soon, it will be too late.

Big business has more power than ever to remove reliable work and force workers into unstable, insecure jobs.

Australia used to have the most secure jobs in the world

Whether it’s casualised jobs with less rights, labour hire that underpays for the same job, part-time work without meaningful guaranteed hours, or years of low pay growth, insecure work is a serious problem for our community.

People with insecure work can’t plan their lives, struggle to pay their rent or mortgages, always worry if they’ll have enough to pay the weekly bills. Having a secure job is connected to so many basic things – mental health, food, housing.

When people don’t have stable or secure jobs, they have less money to spend in their local economy. This harms small local businesses and it holds us all back.

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Job insecurity didn't happen by accident

More than one in four workers in Australia are now in insecure work with no access to sick leave, annual leave or other basic entitlements. Now, with a Labor Government, we have the opportunity to see real positive change for working Australians.

We need strong laws that protect workers and ensure decent, fair pay and conditions

We have a chance to wrest some of that power out of big businesses’ hands and back where it belongs. With workers.

Secure jobs. A workers' right.

If we don't act now, reliable work will be gone for good.
If workers don't have secure jobs, we can't look after the economy. When big business tries to remove job security, it hurts the economy for everyone.
Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary
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Union members enjoy more secure work

We believe that if you want things to change, then through strength in numbers, we can make it happen. Through real action, union members have more secure, reliable jobs, decent wages, and support if they need i

Support when you need it

No one plans for things to go wrong at work, so that's why it's reassuring for union members to know they have access to the best employment legal advice, as well as support and information about workplace rights.

More job security

Union members campaign for work to be reliable for everyone. Secure work means reliable pay and the ability to plan for the future. Union members are more likely to be employed in permanent roles, and we campaign to make sure jobs are stable and secure

Better work and society for all

So many of the basic rights that workers and all Australians receive is due to the hard-work of union members: Medicare, JobKeeper, annual leave, paid parental leave and more! Union members are making a difference where it matters most.

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Aged care worker Sherree lives in fear; knowing one less shift could send her spiralling into poverty.

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Rylee is an aged care nurse who just wants a secure job.

Rylee's story


As Joey supports himself through uni with a casual job, he fears he may never see secure employment.

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Electrician Rob is a fly-in-fly-out worker in Townsville.

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We're building a better, brighter future

When workers join together in union, we can achieve amazing things.

By uniting together, workers can ensure that all workers have secure, stable work.

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We need to rebuild the Australian economy and society, and make jobs more secure.
Michele O'Neil, ACTU President
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Secure jobs are worth fighting for

Australian workers used to have secure jobs with reliable pay. But too many Government decisions in favour of big business has removed job stability for millions of workers.

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