Your Super – Your Future

Right now your retirement savings are being jeopardised by a deal between the Government and the big banks.

But if we act quickly, we can stop it. The Government is trying to push new superannuation laws that will leave many workers and their families significantly worse off in retirement. The proposals are called Your Future, Your Super.

We’re calling them the Your Future, Bank Super laws, because these laws are designed to funnel as much money as possible to corporate bank-aligned super funds.

The laws will:

  • Pin 3 million workers to dud funds, potentially for life,
  • Make it harder for workers in high-risk industries to get adequate insurance
  • Exclude a whole bunch of poor performing corporate products from performance testing, and
  • Put profits paid out to bank shareholders on the same level as your financial interests

The Government is trying to rush these laws through the Senate in the next two weeks.

But the Senate Crossbench is still making up their mind on how to vote. We need to do everything we can to make sure they know that these laws will be nothing but another handout to the big banks.

Can you send a message to the Crossbench right now to tell them to reject these laws and stand up for workers?

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