Work Shouldn’t Hurt

Every worker should be safe at work

Far too many workers in Australia are still being injured or made sick at work.

While union members enjoy safer workplaces than non-members, the Australian union movement is continuing to fight to ensure that every worker can go to work and get home safely.

Work Shouldn’t Hurt Survey 2021

In 2021, the annual Work Shouldn’t Hurt Survey found that almost 30 percent of workers in Australia been injured or made sick due to work in the previous 12 months. That’s more than 3.8 million people! Even more concerningly, 28 percent of them did not take time off work to recover from their injury or illness.

Read the 2019 Work Shouldn’t Hurt Survey here.

Work health and safety is getting worse under Morrison

The number of serious workplace injuries or illness has increased year since the Coalition came to power in 2014.

After decades of progress at reducing injury and illness we are now seeing more workers seriously injured and killed since the Liberals came to power 8 years ago.

Insecure work makes unsafe work even worse

Only a quarter (25%) of insecure workers felt that they had adequate support to return to work safely after an injury. Half of insecure workers did not report workplace sexual harassment for fear of reprisal from employers.

Gendered violence and harassment on the rise

Women are more impacted by workplace injuries and mental health concerns than men, due to their over-representation in insecure, low-paid industries, and the impact of the pandemic. One in five workers experienced gendered violence or harassment in the past 12 months.

Workplace mental ill-health crisis

Millions of workers are suffering mental health issues as a result of their work, and a high proportion of them are not seeking help due to the fear of negative consequences. 

Find out more about the causes and solutions of mental health hazards at work at the Mind Your Head information site.

Younger workers more exposed to risks

Young workers aged under 25 are significantly more likely to be exposed to the risk of serious injury, and young workers are especially vulnerable to experiencing mental health issues due to work.

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We’re campaigning to safer workplaces for all

Every worker has the right to a safe and healthy workplace. 

But every year hundreds of workers are killed at work, and many more workers are injured or harmed. Australian Unions are campaigning to make workplaces safer and save workers lives.

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Insecure work in this country is a workplace health and safety issue with insecure workers fearful of reporting unsafe conditions or taking time off when they are injured or ill.

The Morrison Government has failed to address this problem and it is compromising our efforts to make work healthy and safe.

Liam O’Brien, ACTU Assistant Secretary