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Parents frantically rushing in the morning to drop off their kids and in the afternoon to pick them up from school is not a new sight. Would this overwhelming routine change if preschool and afterschool childcare were free – of course!

Would parents or primary caregivers of children be more comfortable looking for work and putting their hands up for a job or a promotion at a job, if they had access to free childcare? The answer is a definite yes!

Would free childcare make the lives of single parents easier, giving them a chance to take a few deep breaths and take the time to indulge in themselves – whether it is upskilling for the next job or getting a few hours of sleep? The answer is yes again!

We are asking the government to provide free childcare universally for all families.

Sign this petition to add your voice and make a difference in our lives.

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“We need free childcare for all.”

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