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Working people, the heroes on the frontline, have gotten us through the pandemic and kept us going through waves of lockdown and uncertainty.

When the virus hit, it wasn’t big business bosses who stepped up – it was healthcare and community workers, teachers, truckies, supermarket workers, farm, manufacturing, transport and emergency service workers, the workers who kept the power and water on and so many more.

Now the Government is trying to pass legislation that is designed to cut these workers’ pay and conditions, and make their jobs less secure. This is exactly the opposite of what workers need right now.

The Australian union movement is working hard to fight against this dangerous and extreme legislation. But today, on Valentine’s Day, we want to send love and solidarity to each and every frontline worker who got us through.

This Valentine’s Day, send a message of thanks to a frontline worker in your life to thank them for everything they’ve done over the past year.

From the union movement to frontline workers: we love you!

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Thanks for sending love to a frontline worker this Valentine's Day.

We're fighting this campaign against corporate lobbyists and big business. They have deep pockets and they're not afraid to spend big to take rights off working people.

But we have something they don't: hundreds of thousands of committed activists like you who will stand together in defence of workers.

Can you chip in to help us fight against this bill?

Any amount, large or small, will make a massive difference in this fight.


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