Pledge to vote to change the government

Morrison is missing in action

It’s common sense that if there is no change of government, cost-of-living will get worse, wages will continue to stagnate and go down, and jobs will become less reliable and less secure.

It’s your choice how you vote at this election, but we need action to fix the cost-of-living crisis and worsening wages. Australia can do so much better than Scott Morrison and the Liberal-Nationals.

Will you join with thousands of other union members and take the pledge to vote to change the Morrison Government?

Why is this important?

Missing on cost-of-living crisis and $800+ wages cut

Under Morrison, the cost-of-living is outpacing wage growth. Inflation is already at 5.1% and set to grow. Australian workers were more than $800 worse off in 2020, and this is set to grow to $4000 by the end of this year.

4.1 million of people stuck in insecure jobs

In the last 9 years of the Morrison government, the number of people stuck in insecure work has grown to 4.1 million. This is making the pressure of cost of living and real wage cuts even worse as three in ten insecure workers say that they can’t afford housing or health, and one in four of them say they can’t afford childcare or their utility bills.

Walking away from women

Australian women are now less safe and economically secure than they were, and Scott Morrison and the Liberal-National Government have no national plan to fix these serious problems.

Morrison has been missing in action far too often

Anti-corruption watchdog 💰

Another three years have gone by with no action on an independent anti-corruption commission.

Vaccine Rollout 💉

It was a race, and Morrison’s vaccine “strollout” was responsible for extended lockdowns across Australia.

Rapid antigen tests 🐀

Didn’t order enough and refused to make them free and accessible.

Floods ⛈

Late in providing assistance, refused to meet with victims.

Bushfires 🏝

Went to Hawaii while the country burned.

Aged care 👵

Missing in action on royal commission recommendations and raising wages of aged care workers.

Will you take the pledge with thousands of union members?

“I pledge to vote to change the Morrison Government”

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