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About FNWA

All Australians deserve the opportunity to have a good, steady job and the dignity of work. The Morrison Government’s Community Development Program (CDP) is depriving tens of thousands of people of that opportunity.

It’s punitive, heavy-handed and racially discriminatory and the Union movement is determined to see it removed.

The Problem

CDP workers are not actually classified as workers. They get well below the minimum wage (the dole pays $11.60/hour or $290/week) for working for 25 hours a week for non-profit and now for-profit businesses.

They are not covered by the Fair Work Act, they don’t have Federal OHS protections or workers compensation and they can’t take annual leave, sick leave or carer’s leave.

Those under the CDP are forced to work up to three times longer than city-based jobseekers to receive welfare payments. Since July 2015, less than 3,500 Indigenous participants found full-time or part-time work lasting six months or more.

CDP workers have 70 times the financial penalties imposed upon them than non-remote dole workers.

Fines for missing activities under CDP – which covers a tiny fraction of the population – account for more than half the total penalties across the entire welfare system.

Campaign Timeline

After a botched co-design process the Morrison Government reneges on its commitment.

They decide to funnel another $111 million into the racist CDP and extend the program to July 1, 2024.

The FNWA escalates its work to see the Morrison Government voted out on May 21.

After heavy campaign pressure, the Morrison Government commits to end the CDP by 2023, suspend punitive measures and the program become voluntary.

The FNWA supports a replacement program built through co-design and community consultation.

We continue to support workers and campaign against any other program that could be harmful to communities.

CDP workers excluded from protections against the COVID-19 pandemic and expected to turn up for work, while the rest of Australia isolates.

Campaign outrage forces the Government to suspend punitive measures and allow workers to isolate.

Campaign pressure forces the Government to address concerns over the racist CDP. But the Coalition fails to address the punitive measures and the harmful effects on remote communities.

What next?

We are working with CDP workers and the community to give a voice to these workers who are being exploited.

The First Nations Workers’ Alliance is a new organisation which will campaign to end the CDP and replace it with a program that works for Indigenous people rather than oppressing them.

For the federal election on May 21, we are working together in our communities to make your vote count.

We have flyers and corflute designs for you to distribute among friends, family and fellow unionists.

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Through the First Nations Workers’ Alliance, union members continue to promote the collective voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CDP workers to campaign for fair wages and employment conditions.

If you want to see change, together, we can take action to drive that change. Union members are building fairer and safer workplaces for today – and tomorrow.

All union members can join the FNWA. If you’re not yet a member of a union, now is the best time to join.

There is strength in numbers

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