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Buy Australian


To the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

We the undersigned call on you match your words with action, by buying Australian made.

You and your government talk about jobs and growth, but Federal Government projects aren’t even required to use Australian products or workers.

We demand you put Australia first by legislating a Buy Australian Act.

A Buy Australian Act would require all major government projects and services to use locally manufactured goods, such as steel, iron, clothing and equipment, as well as local services to get the job done.

It would generate a trifecta of benefits: secure jobs for Australian workers, a badly needed boost to the stalling economy and ensure all government projects use materials we know are safe because of our high Australian standards.

We are sick and tired of seeing our jobs being exported overseas, we are sick and tired of seeing cheap, unsafe products being imported into the country and we are sick and tired of seeing exploited, cheap labour being used over local workers.

It’s time your Government stopped answering to the needs of multinational corporations, and put the people of Australia first.

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