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Bust the Budget

Tony Abbott’s Budget is an attack on the Australian way of life

Australian workers built a way of life that is the envy of the world.

But the first Abbott Government Budget has begun to demolish the pillars that have made our country great.

The 2014 Federal Budget takes a wrecking ball to the social wage with cuts to healthcare, education and pensions. Under the Abbott Government, going to the doctor or filling the car with petrol will cost more.

This is a government delivering for their big business mates by make life harder for working people.

Together, we can make a difference

Federal Parliament is set to resume in late-August. This is our chance to influence the agenda by pushing Labor, the Greens, small parties and independents to oppose legislation that will hurt working Australians and their families.

One thing you can do right now is sign this petition to kill the GP co-payment and stop the attack on Medicare.



It’s time to fight back and bust the Budget.

We have taken on powerful interests before and won a better life for working people. By standing together and fighting for what truly matters we have the power to beat back Tony Abbott and his radical agenda.

We are committed to winning this fight and look forward to standing with you to defend the Australian way of life.

Federal Budget 2014 – at a glance

• Young unemployed without income support for six months a year

• 16,500 public sector jobs to go, with more through privatisation

• Super Guarantee increase delayed four years; frozen at 9.5%

• Redundancy entitlements less protected when employers go bust

• Cuts to indexation for many welfare payments

• Temporary 2% income tax levy for highest income earners

• Family payments cut

• PPL scheme survives, capped at $50,000 over six months

• New $7 GP payment & higher co-payment for prescription drugs

• Big cuts to funding to states for health and education

• Uni fees to rise, student loan debt to attract real interest rate

• A range of industry assistance programs will be cut or axed

• Tools for Your Trade program for apprentices abolished, new loan scheme created in its place

• Twice yearly fuel excise indexation will be reintroduced

• Company tax to be cut, MRRT and carbon price abolished

• Union royal commission to cost $53.3 million

Get involved

Keep an eye on our Events page for details of upcoming Bust the Budget rallies and other events you can be involved in.

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