Individual submissions to the review of the 457 visa program - ACTU Australian Unions

Individual submissions to the review of the 457 visa program

This page is to assist workers who wish to make their own submission to the review of the 457 visa program.

You can raise any issues you like, but there are three main points you might want to focus on:

  1. Support for Australian jobs
  2. Support for Australian training opportunities
  3. Support for Australian wages and conditions

To assist with your submission, this page provides brief background points on each of these issues, with room for you then to make comments based on your own experience. When you have finished simply click send.

Background points

The top priority for the Government in reviewing the 457 visa program should be to support jobs and training opportunities for Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Employers should not be able to gain access to the 457 visa program and temporary overseas workers until they have first provided evidence of genuine attempts to fill positions locally and that no qualified Australian workers are available.

That is why it is so important that the labour market testing laws introduced last year are not watered down or removed altogether. There must be a legal obligation on employers to employ Australians first and that needs to be enforced rigorously.

Only then can Australian workers and the Australian community have any confidence in the 457 visa program.

It is ridiculous to think the Government could be contemplating taking labour market testing away especially at a time when unemployment is rising and there have been a number of major job losses. It just doesn't make sense.