“All the shirts are unique and you never know how one will look – that’s why it’s so exciting… ”

When COVID-19 hit, Beth was laid off from her job in the fashion industry after 15 years. Despite working as a Senior Buyer and Product Development Manager for a world-famous fashion brand, she found herself as one of the thousands of Australian workers left jobless by the pandemic.

“I have been applying for roles in my field but most have been put on hold due to the pandemic and uncertain time in retail”

Without a job but not without her passion for fashion, Beth turned to an artform that is on the brink of a return to fashion itself – tie dyeAfter hearing about Beth’s tie-dye work for her family and friends, we got in touch about a unique collaboration.

The result – An extremely limited range of hand tie-dyed, Australian and union made We’re for Workers T-Shirts.

“I really enjoyed the process of selecting your colours and not knowing what you will get until you take off the rubber bands”

The great thing about this collaboration is that it means workers are supporting workers. Not only are you showing your solidarity when you wear the shirt, your purchase is helping to create jobs not just for Beth, but also for our union t-shirt manufacturers. 

Even better – they look great.

“We are all at home hanging in trackies, wearing comfortable bright colours at home is lifting the mood a little… I’ve always liked tie dye as it lends itself to being relaxed and calm.

We are only producing 100 of these shirts, so if you’re interested – hurry to our online store and order yours today before they run out.

Date Published: 16/10/2020 Category: Covid-19 Member Benefits

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