Can Our Boss Charge Us For Breakages

R asks:

There was a thing on the noticeboard at work from the owner saying that those of us who worked last Saturday night would have our pay docked as a tray of glasses was dropped when someone slipped loading the glass washer and everything got broken. The notice said that to be fair they would divide the cost of replacing the glasses between us so one person wouldn’t have to pay for the whole lot. Can they do this? It was a busy night accident and it just doesn’t seem fair.

Hello R. Seriously?  Has your employer ever heard of insurance? It definitely isn’t fair. It is unlawful for an employer to take money from a worker’s pay without the employee’s permission in writing.

For example if I was working and someone left without paying their bill, my boss can’t deduct the cost of the meal from my pay.

Your question raises further questions.

Are there slip mats for you to stand on to prevent falls and take some strain off your legs?

How safe is your workplace in general?

Are you paid correctly? Do you get your penalty rates and entitlements?

It’s time to join a union. There are a few of you who work there and I bet you’re not the only one who’s angry about this notice. Why not join forces and get some changes happening in your workplace? Great work is being done in the hospitality industry by unions and becoming a member is the best thing you can all do to make sure you’re paid correctly, protected at work and treated with the respect you deserve.

Give us a call on our toll free number 1300 486 466. We’ll tell you how much the fees would be and help you join. It’s the best thing any worker can do. You can even claim your union dues as a taxable deduction when you next do your tax return.

Date Published: 10/09/2018 Category: Opinion Workers rights

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