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Join the Fight for our Living Standards

If the Liberal government is elected on July 2nd they will rip funding from Medicare and education and give billions of dollars in tax cuts to big business.

Invisible Workers

There are 187 000 Invisible Workers, know their story.

Dump tax cuts for billionaires. Fund our schools and hospitals.

Sign the petition: Dump tax cuts for billionaires. Fund our schools and hospitals.

Wages 4 Work

The Turnbull Government is backing laws that force Indigenous people into work, not for wages, only welfare. Support Wages 4 Work.

Save lives: Keep vital testing free

Sign the petition to save Medicare and save lives: Keep vital testing free

Malcolm Turnbull: Establish a national Anti-Corruption Commission now!

The best way to weed out corruption is to have a national Anti-Corruption Commission with the powers to investigate all areas of society. Establish a Commission now!

Save Our Weekend Petition

Save Paid Parental Leave

Save Paid Parental Leave. Tell the Senate to stand up for Australian families and vote against the Federal Government’s savage cuts.

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CUB Brands to Avoid

Here are the Carlton and United Brewery products to avoid until they reinstate their sacked Aussie workers on fair pay.

Stop the TPP

I've signed the petition calling for Labor, the Greens and cross benchers to block the TPP in the Senate. Have you?