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What would changes to Paid Parental Leave cost your family?

Tell your story to the senate now.

Sign the petition and Tell Turnbull we need a National Anti-Corruption Commission NOW!

The best way to weed out corruption is to have a national Anti-Corruption Commission with the powers to investigate all areas of society. Establish a Commission now!

Support Family Violence Leave for all workers

Sign the petition to show your support for paid family violence leave for all workers, and tell employers to step up.

Vote Down the TPP

I've signed the petition calling for Labor, the Greens and cross benchers to block the TPP in the Senate. Have you?

Dump Malcolm's tax cuts for corporates. Fund our schools and hospitals instead.

I've just signed the petition asking Senators to block Malcolm's tax cuts for corporations. Have you?


The Turnbull Government is backing laws that force Indigenous people into work, not for wages, only welfare. Support Wages 4 Work.

Buy Australian

I've told Malcolm to Buy Aussie Made! Please sign this petition for a Buy Australia Act. So necessary right now.

Save lives: Keep vital testing free

Sign the petition to save Medicare and save lives: Keep vital testing free

Save Our Weekend Petition

Join the Fight for our Living Standards

Join the fight for Medicare, good schools, more secure jobs and tax fairness.

Are companies using loopholes to undermine your rights at work?

I just shared my story of being ripped off at work. Tell the semate your story at